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TEKCE Exclusive | Global Property Marketing & Sales Organisation

TEKCE Exclusive offers new-generation solution partnerships in project management, development, and promotion services. Since its foundation in 2018, TEKCE Exclusive has created a generous portfolio of services in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Yalova, and Bodrum.

We primarily concentrate on the marketing and sales of construction projects with our wide agency network and referral partners. These services include developing and implementing marketing strategies, creating eager sales teams of professionals who speak 20+ languages, and a distinguished marketplace for real estate agencies. The project consultants of Tekce will lead you to the most profitable options and exclusive opportunities.

Our prior goal is to undertake the promotional operations of the real estate and construction projects from A to Z. In addition, TEKCE Exclusive also provides project-based B2C services for the best real estate investment experience, along with primary organizational B2B operations.

TEKCE Exclusive is a professional establishment of well-trained real estate specialists with nearly 20 years of experience. All real estate services offered by TEKCE Exclusive aim to provide professional guidance in the context of efficiency, professionalism, and revenue.

Our partnerships appeal to project developers who seek a professional sales team and an effective marketing strategy to manage sales procedures. This cooperation responds to concerns regarding building an online presence for reaching out to the target audience from effective channels.

We also work with international real estate agencies that want to maximize their sales through professional, efficient, and innovative viewings and presentations. Our widescale portfolio offers a wide range of project options and investment opportunities for each customer.

In the context of B2C services, TEKCE Exclusive offers the most premium projects for property buyers who are looking for real estate in Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro and Spain. We present the most privileged projects with our advanced technological infrastructure and comprehensive sales services.

We believe in technology and its bright side when it comes to doing business. Our advanced IT and marketing team follows up on the latest trends and developments. The up-to-date systems and technological infrastructure allow our customers to keep track up close.

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Who we are

We are helping Real Estate Developers to improve their performance in the Sales and Marketing of their projects. And also guide real estate agencies and customers to find the best properties matching their wish list with the best price guarantee. While establishing relationships based on trust with our Business Partners; We offer them creative, technological and avant-garde solutions on the axis of ethical values.

About Turkey

Turkey, the modern and developed country, with its history and ancient civilization, which is located in the middle of the world and is divided widely on the continents of Asia and Europe, and combines the originality of the East and the modernity of the West.