Partner Services

  • We provide services in 4 different cities, many projects, and an extensive sales network.
  • Thanks to the innovative and technological infrastructure, we operate in the fastest way to meet expectations.
  • Thus, customers get an easy, fast and complete information flow.


Agent Portal

“Agent Portal” comes first in this technological infrastructure. The Agent Portal platform is easy-to-use, high-information security software that allows you to log in with your own password and corporate ID.

  • Direct access to projects and the content, ability to share it with customers
  • Storing customer records in a reliable environment and protecting their data
  • Planning an online viewing tour
  • Agency performance measurement and reporting
  • Instant tracking of customer sales processes
  • Closely tracking billing and payment information
  • Current price and inventory availability information
  • Instant access to all marketing materials.

View Agent Portal Tutorial


Teleproperty/TEKCE Marketplace

Another innovative outcome is the opportunity to review the project online with Teleproperty/TEKCE Marketplace. Remote project presentation, offer and access to instant inventory availability at current prices

Translation in 20 languages and presentations with modern techniques at international standards in offices