Development Services

Brand Creation and Brand Management

  • Creating and implementing the sales and marketing roadmap in accordance with the project’s concept and managing the marketing processes,
  • Providing all media purchasing services and preparing marketing plans
  • Web designing
  • Creating and managing social media and Google accounts,


Creation and Management of Sales Processes

  • Ensuring that projects reach out to the customers with a wide and strong domestic and foreign agency network and effective sales strategies
  • Service-providing in 20+ languages
  • Creation and management of the sales team


Modern and technological applications: “Development Portal”

  • How many people have visited the project each day, which action was taken?
  • Ability to check all details on the Development Portal.
  • Online access to projects with Teleproperty/Tekce Marketplace,
  • Reporting and pricing information
  • What stage are the customers at?
  • Payment tracking
  • Contract tracking