Is Antalya in Turkey a Good Place to Live?

Apr 3, 2023

Antalya is one of the best places to live in Turkey which offers a quality lifestyle by European standards. Since it’s a major tourist spot, it is easier to find a job, make a living, and blend in as a foreigner. A sunny climate, an endless number of activities, or turquoise beaches might be the […]

Antalya is one of the best places to live in Turkey which offers a quality lifestyle by European standards. Since it’s a major tourist spot, it is easier to find a job, make a living, and blend in as a foreigner.

A sunny climate, an endless number of activities, or turquoise beaches might be the best characteristics for a summer vacation in Antalya. However, there are more things to consider when it comes to building a life. Let’s discuss what makes Antalya a great place to live for an ex-pat.

What Makes Antalya a Popular Destination for Expats?

The safe environment, wonderful living conditions, and perfect climate make Antalya the best place to live in Turkey for ex-pats.

The sun is shining on the sky almost throughout the year in Antalya. The environment is safe and healthy especially to raise a child and make a living. The well-preserved natural and cultural heritage creates perfect surroundings to explore. Multinational structure makes it so easy to blend in.Antalya kaleici ald town center

Antalya has perfect climatic conditions because the bright sun is shining on the sky nearly 300 days a year. It is the best fit for a festive lifestyle full of outdoor activities. Even after an overwhelming day you can always take a coffee and make an evening stroll by the coast during a warm winter.

Since it’s a major tourism center in Turkey, Antalya has been a global city since the 2000s. It’s a place where diverse cultures meet and influence each other. The multinational demographic structure eases the adaptations of ex-pats to a new environment.

The healthy and safe environment makes Antalya also one of the best places to live in Turkey for families. According to Numbeo, the crime index in a similar European city, let’s say Athens, is 55.84 whilst it’s nearly half of it in Antalya with 27.09. The safe environment is one of the most significant reasons why Antalya is highly preferred by foreign families to raise their children.

Moreover, Antalya is the best place for the ultimate Mediterranean experience for foreigners. Its significant cuisine combines both Mediterranean and Anatolian traditions and practices.Why Antalya is so popular among expats

To sum up, this magnificent city has everything an ex-pat is looking for: The long coastline stretches from the Mersin on the east and Muğla on the west with numerous blue flag beaches.

The cost of living in Antalya is also quite lower. Living cost in Antalya seems pretty affordable when compared to other European cities with similar living standards. Since there is a wide range of jobs in Antalya Turkey for foreigners, an ex-pat can easily make a living and afford a home anywhere in Antalya.

Which is The Best Area to Live in Antalya?

The well-established coastal urbanizations, Lara and Konyaalti stand out as the best areas to live in Antalya. However, the newly developing districts such as Dosemealti or Aksu are the perfect places for a profitable investment. To experience a laidback vacation-like lifestyle, outer seaside resorts such as Alanya, Belek, Kalkan, or Kemer could be a perfect fit. Let’s discuss why.

LaraLara Düden Karkuzkaldiran Waterfall

Stretching along in parallel with the cliffs from the city center to the east, Lara is the place where luxury meets comfort. It’s home to the high-end society of the city with luxury venues, fine dining restaurants, and nightclubs. It is one of the best places to stay in Antalya if you are looking for a lively ambiance.

This coastal locality consists of a few different neighborhoods expanding from the eastern coast to the Antalya Airport on the north. Some neighborhoods have developed as central urbanizations with extensive social amenities.

Some of them gain the shape of calm, tranquil residential areas. In these settlements, everything is within easy reach but far away from the hustle and bustle. Lara brings both vibrant and tranquil lifestyles together and has a lot to offer for everyone of every age.

KonyaaltıWell known popular Konyaalti Beach

Let’s travel to the west from the city center, our eyes meet Konyaaltı. Konyaaltı always has been one of the first places that come to mind when thinking of the best places to visit in Antalya. Konyaaltı always has been the place where first-timers fall in love with the picturesque views of the Mediterranean sea accompanied by the mountains. Now it is among the best places to live in Antalya Turkey.

In line with the increasing migration to the district, the coastal promenade of Konyaaltı has become a more social and attractive place in recent years. There is an open-air performance stage that hosts concerts all year round, which widens the options of events you can attend to. Also, you can try out the best international cuisines from Korean to Italian in the endless number of cafes and restaurants.


In the early 2000s, the Kundu neighborhood of the Aksu district transformed into a major tourism center because of the instant 5-star hotel establishments. Recently, it has become one of the most popular places to buy a villa in Antalya since the number of luxe villa projects has gained population.

Kundu’s perfect location near the sea but half an hour away from the city center is perfect for peace-seekers. It won’t be a problem if you work in Antalya center since it is around 30-35 minutes to reach the city center.

Also Altıntaş, another urbanization within the borders of the Aksu district has become a sought-after investment center since 2021. In parallel with the increase in the foreign population, the need for accommodation also went uphill for the past few years. The city started to expand to the northern settlements.

Altıntaş region now stands out as one of the major places for a profitable investment in state-of-the-art housing projects built with the highest standards. Also, its proximity to Antalya Airport and Lara beach makes it the perfect place to live in comfort.


Dosemealti is also one of the new-generation investment centers of the city. The district is now widely known for its villa projects offering a tranquil lifestyle away from chaotic city life. Dosemealti offers a safe and calm environment but also easy access to your every need and the other parts of the city since it is one of the central districts.

AlanyaAlanya cassle worth to visit in Antalya

It wouldn’t be wrong to describe Alanya as a city-like district of Antalya. It even has centralized neighborhoods offering lots of amenities and activity options. Alanya is mostly occupied by locals living there for generations and foreigners who bought properties and moved there.

The lively ambiance of the district preserves its authenticity throughout the year. The district is always expanding due to the high demand. Brand new residential complexes spread throughout the district from the district center to Kargicak municipality.

Belek & Kadriye

If you are wondering where is the best place for a golf enthusiast, the answer would be Belek. Belek and Kadriye settlements are major tourist places in Antalya, especially for people who are interested in golf and water sports.Phaselis Ancient city visit in Antalya Turkey

These centralized neighborhoods are home to the most luxurious and prestigious golf resorts in the Mediterranean region. The Land of Legends Hotel & Theme Park, one of the most comprehensive entertainment centers in the country, is also located in Kadriye.

Moreover, their proximity to Antalya center makes them one of the best places to live since it is easier to reach the city center on any occasion.


This is the place where you can experience the ultimate Mediterranean luxury altogether. The urbanization offers stunning sea and lush nature views of the Turkish Riviera on every corner. The quality of life is always in European standards but more affordable and comfortable to live in Kalkan.

The climate fits perfectly for a vacation-like lifestyle even in the winter. A wide range of property options in Antalya allows you to find your impeccable dream home in no time. Thanks to the region’s sloped ground texture, most of the villas are overlooking the Mediterranean sea. In this way, you can easily enjoy beautiful sunsets from your swimming pool or spacious terrace.

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